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Michigan Files Temporary Restraining Order Against the Big Ten

Nov 11, 2023

Soon after the Big Ten suspended University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh on Friday for the remaining three games of the 2023 regular season for allegedly stealing signs, the school responded swiftly saying that it would seek a court order to prevent the disciplinary action from taking effect — and to keep their coach on the sidelines.

Michigan issued a statement, and was predictably critical of the decision. School president Santa Ono said that the action by Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti “disregards the conference’s own handbook, violates basic tenets of due process, and sets an untenable precedent of assessing penalties before an investigation has been completed.”

Ono questioned the timing of the decision, noting that Saturday is Veterans Day, a court holiday and said it prevents Michigan “from seeking immediate judicial relief.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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