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Michigan football's Matt Weiss reportedly under investigation for computer crime at Schembechler Hall

Jan 18, 2023

Michigan football co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss is under investigation by the U-M Police for a possible computer crime, according to ESPN.

A Michigan athletic department spokesman confirmed to the Free Press on Tuesday night that Weiss has been placed on administrative leave. It is unclear if it is paid or unpaid leave.

The police department confirmed to ESPN that it is investigating a possible crime that took place at Schembechler Hall, but would not specifically name Weiss as a suspect.

The Free Press has reached out to the police department but requests for comment have not been returned.

A Michigan athletic department spokesman told ESPN that Weiss, who has been on the U-M football staff the last two years, has not been in Schembechler Hall in recent days.

Weiss released a statement to ESPN: "I am aware of the ongoing investigation by the University of of Michigan Police Department and fully cooperating with investigators. I look forward to the matter being resolved. Out of respect for the integrity of the investigation, I will not have any further comment."

Source: Yahoo Sports

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