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Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh springs to action to help Ann Arbor policeman, bodycam footage shows

Feb 24, 2023

Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh was a good Samaritan in Ann Arbor on Wednesday night.

Police officer Howard Cooper was trying to clear a large tree that fell in the middle of a road when he noticed that a van pulled up behind his car. A man got out of the van and wanted to help him move the tree.

Cooper figured out the Wolverines’ head coach was the one he was working with.

"Ofc Cooper then gave Coach a pair of work gloves and the two of them went to work," Ann Arbor police posted on Twitter. "After about ten minutes they were able to, inch by inch, get the entire tree moved to clear a lane for traffic to pass through. We thank Coach Harbaugh for being a valued member of the Ann Arbor community and helping out Ofc Cooper."

Source: Fox News

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