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Mike Clevinger threatens lawsuit against radio station that interviewed domestic violence, child abuse accuser

Feb 18, 2023

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger has been accused of domestic violence and child abuse against his 10-month-old child.

The pitcher's accuser, Olivia Finestead, hopped on 670TheScore in Chicago this weekend for an interview, which he called "really trashy" and "some lowlife material."

In the interview, Finestead – the mother of Clevinger's child – blasted the right-hander for playing the victim during his media session down in spring training, echoing her previous sentiments.

"For him to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, poor me on my first day [of Spring Training]?’ Like, your poor baby. Your poor other kids," Finestead said. "He’s just so full of himself and such a narcissist that he will deny, lie and project every day. That’s just who he is."

Source: Fox News

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