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Mike Trout announces he's opening 'Trout National' golf course designed by Tiger Woods

Mar 28, 2023

Mike Trout is getting into the golf course business.

The Los Angeles Angels star announced Monday that he is planning to open "Trout National - The Reserve" in his home state of New Jersey, with an ETA of 2025. The course will be designed by Tiger Woods and his TGR Design firm.

You don't see many non-golf athletes opening golf courses these days, but it's not a huge surprise that Trout is doing so. When not being the best baseball player of a generation, Trout has spent much of his time on the course.

Per an interview with Sports Illustrated, Trout's love of golf goes back to his time at the driving range with his father, Jeff, and has translated to a claimed handicap of seven or eight, with an average drive length of 330 to 360 yards if he's focusing on distance.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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