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Mississippi Attorney General Yanks Lawyers in Brett Favre Defamation Case

Jan 6, 2024

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White, whose investigation uncovered what has become known as the Mississippi welfare scandal, won’t be represented by Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office as White continues to fight off a defamation lawsuit filed by Brett Favre.

Fitch’s office stated such in a Hinds County Court filing on Friday, and an attorney in Fitch’s office didn’t hold back on what led to that decision in a letter to White, which Front Office Sports obtained. White agreed to waive attorney-client privilege for only this letter.

“Having obtained an advance copy of your forthcoming book from you for purposes of assessing its impact on your previously-asserted defenses in the Favre case, we became aware that you make multiple statements in the book calling into question the integrity of the Attorney General and her office,” Mississippi Special Assistant Attorney General Rex M. Shannon III wrote. “These statements will undoubtedly be the subject of public discourse.

Source: Front Office Sports

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