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MLB pitch clock change for 2024 season 'should have warranted a much longer dialogue,' says union chief

Feb 24, 2024

MLB Players' Association executive director Tony Clark said on Saturday that the decision to decrease the pitch clock with runners on base by two seconds came too soon.

"That's a conversation that should have warranted a much longer dialogue than what we had," Clark said via the Associated Press. "We voiced those concerns, players voiced those concerns, and yet, the push through of the change to the pitch clock still happened."

As part of the new rules package for the 2023 season, a pitch clock was introduced, giving pitchers 15 seconds to begin their motion with bases empty and 20 seconds with runners on base.

The league's competition committee, which includes six owners, four players and one umpire, gave approval in December to cut the time with runners on base to 18 seconds beginning with the 2024 season.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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