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MLB umpire leaves hospital 2 days after taking 89 mph throw to head

Apr 14, 2023

MLB umpire Larry Vanover has been released from a hospital after spending a couple of nights there following a throw to his head.

In a game Wednesday, New York Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka launched a double off the center field wall that scored a run. Oswaldo Cabrera rounded third, so the Guardians tried for a relay throw home.

Infielder Andres Gimenez's throw hit Vanover in the head from close range.

Vanover fell to the grass and stood up just a few seconds later. He walked off the field on his own alongside a trainer shortly after. The throw was clocked at 89 mph.

The 67-year-old will sit out until he is cleared by MLB's medical staff.

Source: Fox News

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