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Mother of DUI victim: Britt Reid is getting a 'slap on the wrist

Sep 14, 2022

The mother of a then 5-year old girl who was critically injured in a 2021 DUI accident caused by former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid blasted a plea deal that likely caps his prison sentence at just four years.

Felicia Miller, speaking publicly for the first time on Good Morning America, said Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, received preferential treatment from prosecutors that wouldn’t be afforded to the less wealthy or famous.

“They just gave him a slap on the wrist,” Miller said. “If anybody else had done that, we did that, anybody of us hit his car or injured one of his kids, we’d have been in jail.”

Reid, 37, admitted at a plea hearing Monday that he was legally drunk on the night of Feb. 4, 2021, when he recklessly drove his Dodge Ram 84 miles per hour down an interstate on ramp.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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