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Murky Future: Everything You Need to Know About the A’s Move to Las Vegas

Feb 24, 2024

The A’s are set to begin an incredibly awkward MLB season. They are preparing to move to Las Vegas but will play at least one more season at the much-maligned Oakland Coliseum amid fan protests. The team is still sorting through issues at the site of the Tropicana hotel and casino, where it intends to build, and—with its lease at the Coliseum ending after the 2024 season—has not settled on a ballpark for ’25–27 while its new stadium is being constructed.

The relocation was meant to end a 20-year saga in which the team has sought a new home while largely ignoring its current one falling into increasing disrepair.

Here is everything you need to know about the ongoing situation around the team’s attempted move to Las Vegas.

Is this the A’s last season in Oakland?

Source: Front Office Sports

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