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NBA Focused On Seattle, Las Vegas When It Comes To Expansion

Oct 23, 2023

It’s no secret that the NBA wants to expand beyond its current 30 franchises sooner than later.

During last season’s NBA Finals, league commissioner Adam Silver specifically mentioned Las Vegas and Seattle as two cities — among others — under consideration for expansion teams. He also said the NBA would shift its focus to expansion once its next set of media rights deals were completed — which could be as soon as mid-2024.

Las Vegas has added NFL, NHL, and WNBA teams in recent years as it becomes an epicenter for professional sports. The city is almost assuredly getting an MLB team in the A’s, as well, and next month, Formula 1 will race for the first time in Sin City. It’s not surprising that the NBA would want in on such a hot market.

Source: Front Office Sports

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