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NCAA Agrees to Suspend Transfer Restrictions For Entire 2023-24 Season

Dec 16, 2023

On Friday, the NCAA agreed to extend the prohibition of transfer restrictions through the end of the entire 2023-24 spring sports season. The decision is an agreement between the governing body and lawyers in Ohio et al v. NCAA. A trial will take place afterward.

The original order, signed on Wednesday, blocked the NCAA from enforcing its multi-year transfer restriction for 14 days. The NCAA was also prohibited from enforcing a Rule of Restitution during this time, which would allow it to vacate wins or records from athletes who played during the 14 days if the ruling was ultimately reversed.

“This is a huge win for the athletes, for the fans, and for the rule of law,” Ohio attorney general David Yost said.

The case, largely based on West Virginia basketball player RaeQuan Battle, argued that NCAA transfer restrictions violated federal antitrust laws. While the NCAA allows athletes to transfer once without penalty, it makes them sit out for a year if they transfer a second or third time — unless they are granted a waiver.

Source: Front Office Sports

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