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NCAA Fears ‘Unchecked Free Agency’ After Judge’s Transfer Ruling

Dec 15, 2023

In a move the NCAA warns will trigger a “system of perpetual and unchecked free agency” in Division I college sports, U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey on Wednesday granted a 14-day temporary restraining order that—for now—prohibits the NCAA from enforcing a rule that restricts athletes transferring from their second college to their third college.

Under current NCAA rules, athletes can transfer once without cause, provided they’re admitted by their second college. However, should they transfer for a second time, they must either defer their eligibility to play for one year or obtain a waiver.

A college athlete transferring from their second college to their third college is a rare occurrence. NCAA data indicates that over the past five years, just 0.17% of college athletes transferred more than once and sought immediate eligibility to play. That percentage might climb, however, if restrictions are permanently lifted.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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