NCAA hits OSU fencing, women's basketball and women's golf with 4-year probation

Apr 19, 2022

The Ohio State fencing, women's basketball and women's golf teams have been placed on four years of probation for NCAA violations committed between 2015-19.

The penalties, announced Tuesday by the Division I Committee on Infractions panel, include a $5,000 fine to the OSU athletic department and reductions of the program budget of 3% in fencing and 1% in women’s golf and basketball. The committee also issued a 10% scholarship reduction for fencing in the 2022-23 academic year.

Team wins and championships as well as individual records for affected players will be vacated. That includes the 2017 and ’18 Big Ten championships for women’s basketball, and 2016 and ’17 second-place finishes and a 2018 third-place for fencing.

Most of the NCAA’s other penalties were already self-imposed by Ohio State, including postseason bans in 2020-21.

The NCAA said former OSU fencing coach Vladimir Nazlymov and women’s golf coach Therese Hession violated head coach responsibility rules. Nazlymov and women’s basketball associate head coach Patrick Klein violated ethical conduct rules by failing to fully cooperate with the investigation.

Source: Yahoo Sports
(Photo by: Barbara J. Perenic/Dispatch)