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Nets blame Kyrie Irving for their 'Big Three' with Kevin Durant, James Harden not working out: report

Feb 13, 2023

With the Brooklyn Nets’ "Big Three" disbanded following three separate trades over the past two seasons, speculation about where it all went wrong has begun.

Three of the best players in the NBA – Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant – were on the same team but played less than 20 games together. While GM Sean Marks and owner Joe Tsai believed they had the right plan in place, the farthest that the team went was the second round of the playoffs over the last four seasons.

Harden spoke on his time with the Nets on Saturday, which did turn some heads after being pretty open.

"I don’t look like the crazy one," he said via ESPN. "I don’t look like the guy or the quitter or whatever the media want to call me. I knew what was going on, and I just decided to … hey, I’m not built for this. I don’t want to deal with that. I want to play basketball and have fun."

Harden said it was "frustrating" being on the court with his two all-star teammates was rare, but "hopefully everybody’s in a good place now and we can move on."

Source: Fox News

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