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New Jersey man sentenced to jail for fraud scheme selling Tom Brady Super Bowl rings

Aug 29, 2022

A New Jersey man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison Monday for concocting a scam to sell fraudulent Tom Brady Super Bowl LI championship rings in 2017.

Scott V. Spina Jr., 25, of Roseland, New Jersey, orchestrated and executed a scheme in 2017 that started with defrauding an ex-New England Patriots player, swindling him out of his Super Bowl LI championship ring with a bad check for $63,000. Spina then sold the ring to a well-known sports ring broker in Orange County, California, according to court documents.

Along with his fraudulently acquired ring, Spina also obtained sensitive information of the ex-NFL player, including a means to purchase what are called "family and friend rings" from the original Super Bowl ring company. Friends and family rings are smaller versions of the rings that players receive and only NFL members are allowed to purchase.

Source: Fox News

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