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New Jersey sportsbooks stop Purdue's bowl game bets due to Drew Brees' involvement with school, gambling site

Dec 31, 2022

New Jersey gaming regulators ordered sportsbooks to halt betting on the Citrus Bowl between Purdue and No. 17 LSU given Drew Brees' relationship with the university and a gaming site.

Brees, a Purdue alum and eventual Pro Football Hall of Famer, signed on to be an interim assistant coach with his alma mater for the bowl game. He was also a brand ambassador for PointsBet.

Brees joined PointsBet in June 2021, and one of its ads staged a video of Brees getting struck by lightning.

The partnership ended, though, a week after Brees signed on with Purdue, for "regulatory and legal compliance, responsible gaming practices and the integrity of legal sports betting."

Any bet placed after Dec. 15, when Brees joined the coaching staff, was voided.

Source: Fox News

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