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New York radio host goes ballistic on caller, throws headset over 'worthless' World Baseball Classic

Mar 24, 2023

Despite the on-field emotion of plenty World Baseball Classic games matching, and arguably surpassing, that of Game 7 of the World Series, there are still plenty in the United States who believe the WBC still doesn't matter.

WFAN host Sal Licata is in that party, and he is defending it to the extreme.

When a caller dialed into Licata's 12-5 a.m. shift on the FAN early Wednesday, "Bill" was telling Licata that Major League Baseball was trying to "expand the game globally" with the WBC.

After saying the caller was an "idiot," Licata asked, "Why do I care about globally?"

"They're marketing to smarter people than you, I'm sorry. You don't get it – you never will get it…" Bill replied. "It's about the money, stupid."

Source: Fox News

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