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NFL keeps embracing betting, allows stadium sportsbooks to operate on game day

Mar 28, 2023

The NFL didn't just change its mind on sports betting. It did a U-turn that will give you whiplash.

Until a few years ago, the NFL treated betting like it would ruin the sport. Any mention of it, or even a small connection to betting of any kind, was a reason for the NFL to clutch its pearls.

On Tuesday, NFL owners voted to allow sportsbooks in stadiums to remain open on gamedays. Imagine reading that sentence 10 years ago.

The Athletic was first to report that owners approved sportsbook operation in stadiums on gamedays. At this point only the Washington Commanders have a physical sportsbook in the stadium. The Arizona Cardinals have one just outside the stadium, as do the New York Giants and Jets. That could expand, given Tuesday's vote.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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