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NFL MVP: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes adds to legacy, wins his 2nd MVP award

Feb 9, 2023

PHOENIX — Patrick Mahomes is 27 years old. With some luck, he has 10 or more good years in front of him as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Breaking Peyton Manning's record of five NFL MVPs isn't unrealistic. Manning didn't win his second MVP until age 28. Mahomes won his second one on Thursday night at the annual NFL Honors. The voting wasn't close, with Mahomes picking up 48 of 50 first-place votes.

Mahomes said this week, before Super Bowl LVII, that he isn't chasing any player's records or legacy.

"I don't want to have any regrets," Mahomes said this week. "When I look back at the end of my career, I don't want look back and be like 'Man, I didn't give everything I have to win Super Bowls' because of the great people I have around me. When I get done with my career, I want to make sure I know I gave everything I had on that football field."

Source: Yahoo Sports

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