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NFL withholds draft invite from potential first-round pick to avoid awkward TV moment: report

Apr 15, 2023

There will only be three wide receivers present at the NFL Draft in a couple of weeks, but that trio will not include Quentin Johnston.

The TCU standout is expected to be a first-round selection, but he still was not granted an invite from the league to the draft in Kansas City later this month.

Experts believe Johnston will likely be a late selection within the first 31 picks (the Miami Dolphins were docked their first-round pick). However, it's certainly a possibility that a first-round talent could fall later than expected on the first night, or even worse — into the second round.

That was the case previously with players like Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Brady Quinn and Lamar Jackson. Those moments certainly made for awkward television, and the league wants to avoid that at all costs.

Source: Fox News

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