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Nikola Jokić fined, not suspended for Game 4 altercation with Suns owner Mat Ishbia

May 9, 2023

The incident took place during the second quarter of Sunday's Game 4 between the Suns and Denver Nuggets, which Phoenix won 129-124. Jokić went into the courtside seats to retrieve a loose ball that had bounced out of bounds. Ishbia had corralled the ball and held on to it as Jokić tried to take it from him.

Jokić pried the ball loose, then shoved a standing Ishbia with his forearm as Ishbia touched Jokić's lower back with his right hand. Ishbia went tumbling back to his seat with his arms flailing.

Another angle shows Jokić and Ishbia making eye contact before the shove. It also shows former Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas — a guest of Ishbia's — grabbing Jokić's jersey after the shove. A third unidentified man in a black shirt puts his right hand on Jokic's left arm.

The scuffle came to an end as another fan who'd picked up the ball threw it back to Suns forward Josh Okogie, who'd fallen into the seats while chasing it out of bounds. Officials stopped play to review the incident, and Jokić was assessed a technical foul but not ejected. Security escorted the fan in the black shirt from the arena, but Ishbia and Thomas were allowed to remain in their seats.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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