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NIL Collectives Are Slacking on Supporting Women’s Sports

Jan 11, 2023

In 2022, name, image, and likeness collectives — groups of donors, alumni, and local businesses who pooled resources to provide deals to local athletes — took the college sports landscape by storm.

More than 250 collectives have popped up nationwide, from the richest Power 5 programs to some of the smaller no-football schools, according to an Opendorse white paper.

But they have largely failed women’s sports athletes.

Only 34% of existing collectives offered compensation to women’s sports athletes so far, the report found. The number is particularly disappointing given that collectives account for almost 50% of total NIL compensation.

To date, a few examples of collectives have galvanized women’s sports athletes.

Perhaps one of the most prominent examples: Utah women’s gymnastics is one of the few women’s programs with a team-specific collective called “Who Rocks The House.”

But the vast majority of involvement comes from multi-sport collectives that have also funded women’s athletes.

Source: Front Office Sports

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