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Optimism Is Growing for Labor Judge to Rule College Athletes Are Employees

Feb 5, 2024

On Friday, the second session in a months-long labor trial over college athlete employment status concluded at a National Labor Relations Board regional office in Los Angeles.

“I feel like we’re in an extremely strong position,” Ramogi Huma, the executive director of the organization arguing on behalf of athletes, tells Front Office Sports. “I think we’re going to win.”

The case, first filed in 2022 as a labor complaint by Huma’s National College Players Association, argues that USC football and basketball players should be considered employees of USC, the Pac-12, and the NCAA. The NLRB agreed to take up the case on the NCPA’s behalf. A win would spell the end of the NCAA’s amateurism model.

During the two-week session, the NLRB rested its case on athlete employment, and USC began its pro-amateurism arguments.

Source: Front Office Sports

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