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Oregon athletes find a creative way to make money: Housing rentals

Jul 26, 2022

As the track and field world championships made their first appearance in the U.S. at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore., this month, some University of Oregon athletes decided to creatively capitalize on their fame and the lack of abundant housing in this quaint college town.

Six Oregon track and field athletes — Micah Williams, Ty Hampton, Elliott Cook, Jasmine Montgomery, Jadyn Mays and Jaida Ross — partnered with Division Street, a sports venture company co-founded by the Nike co-founder Phil Knight, to earn money off a house transformed into a track and field-themed paradise.

The house, and partnership, is one of the many examples of how the college sports landscape has shifted since the N.C.A.A. ruled last year that college athletes could profit from their fame.

The property, nicknamed the “Oregon House,” began as a hub for fans of Oregon linebacker Noah Sewell last October. The interior featured many of Sewell’s jerseys and Oregon football memorabilia, and the house was marketed as “the ‘No. 1’ place to stay in Eugene.” (Yes, Sewell’s jersey is No. 1, you get it.)

Source: The New York Times

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