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Penn State football involved in sexual extortion probe as photo evidence from inside locker room unsealed

Jul 18, 2022

A federal investigation involving the Penn State football program and sexual extortion is underway, and the details are disturbing.

According to Penn Live, videos of a group sex act and photos from inside the Penn State football locker room of players undressed have been unsealed.

The university previously sought to keep the warrants with the evidence sealed, but they were unsealed in a Centre County court show on Friday. There are a reported 19 videos in total taken from inside the locker room.

Campus police became aware of the case on Sept. 26, 2021. Two student-athletes alleged that they were victims of sexual extortion after being convinced to share sexually explicit photos with a woman. One of the athletes alleges that the woman, who he met on a dating app, threatened to share the images on social media and with head football coach James Franklin.

Source: Fox Sports

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