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PGA Tour files countersuit against LIV Golf as legal battle intensifies

Sep 29, 2022

The PGA Tour filed a countersuit against the LIV Golf Invitational Series this week, accusing the new Saudi Arabian-backed league of trying to induce top golfers to breach their contracts with the Tour by claiming that the Tour couldn’t enforce them, according to The Associated Press’ Doug Ferguson.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the Tour’s response to the amended lawsuit filed by LIV Golf and others in northern California.

The Tour said that LIV Golf wants courts to invalidate its regulations “with the stroke of a pen” after promising golfers hundreds of millions of dollars.

“This case is not about unfair competition — if anyone is competing unfairly, it is LIV, not the Tour,” the Tour said in the claim. “Instead, it is a cynical effort to avoid competition and to freeride off the Tour’s investment in the development of professional golf.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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