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Philadelphia, Las Vegas Sports Projects Face New Questions

Jan 27, 2024

Two of the most controversial facility developments in pro sports are facing new rounds of opposition and uncertainty, once again placing their ultimate success in some doubt.

As Philadelphia’s city council held its first legislative session of the year on Thursday, protesters of the 76ers’ plan to build a new $1.55 billion arena in Center City gathered outside, extending what has been months of objection against the plan, particularly from neighboring Chinatown. The council is beginning to consider enabling legislation for the proposed venue.

Among the key issues at play is financing, as the 76ers intend to fund the project privately, only leaving the possibility for federal and state funds should they qualify for certain existing programs. Opponents see that as a likely back door to ultimately taking taxpayer money.

“Public money should be spent on the public good, not on the wants of billionaire arena developers,” said Mohan Seshadri, executive director of the Asian Pacific Islanders Political Alliance, who was on hand for the protest.

Source: Front Office Sports

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