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Protruding nail in court pauses Big 12 Tournament game as Iowa State takes down Baylor

Mar 10, 2023

It is officially March Madness, and the craziness has arrived in college basketball.

Though Selection Sunday is still a few days away, automatic bids are at stake this week as conference tournaments get underway.

In the Big 12, No. 10 Baylor played Iowa State in the quarterfinals on Thursday, and an issue with the court gave fans of college basketball a first.

Late in the second half, play was briefly delayed as a protruding nail needed to be hammered back into the court in order for the game to resume.

"We got a new one for you," ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla said on the broadcast. "There’s a nail sticking up out of the floor. … They think it's sharp enough that they need to come in. Here comes the hammer guy, and he’s going to hammer this nail."

"That’s a first," he added.

Source: Fox News

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