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Rashee Rice's SMU Skeletons Surface Amid Recent Arrests, May Impact NFL Discipline

May 11, 2024

College football programs need to learn what they painstakingly cover up about their star players for short-term gain will often come back to hurt that player and the program more later than it likely would have in the first place.

Southern Methodist University in Dallas may be realizing that now, as Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver Rashee Rice's SMU skeletons may be surfacing amid his recent arrests.

Rice, 24, was recently arrested on eight felony charges concerning a hit-and-run accident on March 30 involving six vehicles after Rice was drag racing his Lamborghini at 119 mph on a Dallas highway. Then this week, Rice was accused of hitting a photographer at a Dallas nightclub in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Source: Fox News

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