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Real Madrid’s Borrowing Extends Financial Issues In Spanish Soccer

Oct 27, 2023

La Liga giants Real Madrid are looking to borrow $390 million from institutional investors, exacerbating some thorny financial issues at the top levels of Spanish soccer.

Just days after a new financial report from rival FC Barcelona revealed mounting debt issues, Real Madrid is turning to private debt markets to help finance a nearly complete renovation of its Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

The 75-year-old venue is in the midst of a series of upgrades, including an expansion of its seating capacity, a new facade, and an installation of a removable pitch to accommodate non-soccer events.

The club’s turn to private lenders is seen as a move to create more privacy and stability around the transaction, something other top European clubs have done, including Barcelona. Funds are set to be repaid from future ticket revenue.

Source: Front Office Sports

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