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Red Sox Masataka Yoshida stunned after fly ball breaks light, gets stuck in Fenway Park scoreboard

Aug 9, 2023

Masataka Yoshida was just as confused as the rest of us.

Yoshida was trying to track down a deep ball hit to left field Wednesday night in the Boston Red Sox’s game against the Kansas City Royals at Fenway Park, like he’s done plenty of times before. After just barely missing the catch and bouncing into the massive scoreboard wall, Yoshida started running in to pick up the ball off the bounce and throw it in.

But the ball never bounced back into play.

The ball, hit by Royals outfielder Kyle Isbel, smashed an orange light in the scoreboard and got stuck inside — which made for a very strange sequence and sent Yoshida spinning around in a circle confused.

In perhaps the most unusual way possible, Isbel was awarded the ground rule double — which actually saved a run for the Red Sox. Yoshida, after realizing what had happened, then slowly walked back and pulled the ball out of the broken light.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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