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Report: Michigan staffer at center of sign-stealing investigation bought tickets to games at 11 Big Ten schools

Oct 23, 2023

The suspended staff member at the center of the Michigan football sign-stealing scandal reportedly bought tickets to more than 30 games at 11 different Big Ten schools over the past three seasons.

ESPN is reporting that Connor Stalions would purchase tickets to games of Michigan’s opponents in his own name and then forward the tickets to “at least three different people in different areas of the country.” In one instance, per ESPN, the person occupying the seat purchased by Stalions “held his smart phone up and appeared to film the home team’s sideline the entire game.”

Before the NCAA’s sign-stealing investigation into Michigan surfaced last week, Stalions had purchased tickets for Saturday’s Penn State at Ohio State game. Per the ESPN report, Stalions had seats “on both sides of the stadium across from each bench.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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