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Reports: Unhappy with revenue negotiations, team owners boycott meeting with NASCAR

Apr 6, 2023

NASCAR Cup Series team owners didn’t appear for their regularly scheduled meeting with NASCAR officials on Wednesday.

According to multiple reports, the boycott is because teams are unhappy with the state of discussions surrounding the way television revenue will be divvied up in future seasons. NASCAR’s current television contract is up after the 2024 season and negotiations on the next contract are set to begin in earnest later this year.

In a statement, NASCAR said that it is “committed to open and productive dialogue on a regular basis with all industry stakeholders. We remain committed to continuing discussions in the spirit of collaboration and with the shared goal of growing our sport for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Teams currently receive 25% of the money from NASCAR’s television contract with Fox and NBC. As teams have faced a racing climate of increasing expenses, decreasing TV audiences and dwindling sponsorship dollars, they want a bigger share of television money to ensure their sustainability.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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