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Roar Restored: Lions’ Resurgence Carries Major Implications Across Detroit, NFL

Jan 22, 2024

To get a sense of what the Detroit Lions’ resurgence means to the NFL, one need only look at commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent schedule.

Goodell traveled to Ford Field on Wednesday for the annual partnership meeting of economic development organization Visit Detroit, in part to promote the city’s hosting of the 2024 NFL Draft, and he’ll head right back to the stadium Sunday for the Lions’ divisional playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He watched the team’s wild-card win over the Los Angeles Rams last weekend on TV and was immediately moved by the energy of Lions fans.

No wonder. The Lions broke the sound-level record of the 22-year-old Ford Field four times during the Rams game, topping out at 133.6 decibels, roughly equal to a jackhammer or jet engine.

“The enthusiasm, the energy of that crowd comes through the television set,” Goodell said at the Visit Detroit event. “So as I’m sitting there, I could feel the passion, I could feel the excitement, I could feel the pride of everybody in that stadium, and it was just off the charts.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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