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Robert Griffin III slams critics advising Lamar Jackson to 'put a brace on it,' recalls own severe knee injury

Jan 16, 2023

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III pointed to his own gruesome injury to defend Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson after four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Michael Vick suggested Sunday that he should play through his injury during the playoffs.

Jackson, 26, revealed on Twitter Thursday that he suffered a PCL grade 2 sprain "on the borderline of a strain 3" and was still dealing with inflammation in his knee, meaning he would be absent from Sunday night’s wild-card game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

During FOX’s pregame show Saturday, Vick encouraged Jackson to "put a brace on it" and "get it going."

"It’s the playoffs. You’re three games away. Put a brace on it. Get it going. Put a brace on it. Let’s go," Vick said. "I played a whole season with a sprained MCL."

But on Sunday, Griffin cautioned against Vick’s advice.

Source: Fox News

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