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Saints DE Cameron Jordan appealing fine from alleged fake injury: ‘My name’s low-key been slandered’

Dec 13, 2022

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan isn’t here for the NFL’s accusations that he faked an injury earlier this month.

Jordan was fined $50,000 for allegedly faking an injury in the Saints’ 17-16 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Dec. 5. Jordan has denied that claim, saying he sustained a mid-foot sprain that an MRI later confirmed.

Jordan went down with an injury in the fourth quarter of their game against the Buccaneers while Tampa Bay was rushing to set up to get a play off. Jordan was reportedly seen on camera “receiving direction” from the sideline to go down with the injury, which he and the Saints have denied.

The NFL fined Jordan $50,000. The Saints were fined $350,000, head coach Dennis Allen was fined $100,000, and defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen was fined $50,000.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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