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Scotland women's team make legal challenge to SFA over pay and conditions

Dec 20, 2022

Scotland women's national football team are taking legal action against the Scottish FA in a fight over equal pay and conditions after talks broke down.

The squad, led by captain Rachel Corsie, are ready to take their case to an employment tribunal.

The players consider there to be disparities between their treatment and that of their male counterparts.

In response, the SFA said "equality should be at the heart of the development of the game at all levels".

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Aston Villa defender Corsie said the players felt obliged to speak out after two years of failing to reach agreement with the SFA.

"There is a significant number of examples where the players feel the resources in place are not where they should be. It's really important we make sure that doesn't continue," said the 33-year-old captain.

"We want there to be change moving forward."

Source: BBC Scotland

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