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Sean Miller and Arizona men's basketball avoid major penalties from NCAA

Dec 14, 2022

Xavier men’s basketball coach Sean Miller was not sanctioned by the NCAA’s Independent Resolution Panel regarding accusations of misconduct against the Arizona basketball program while Arizona won’t receive any further postseason ban or any other major sanctions.

Miller was the head coach at Arizona when an NCAA investigation resulted in five Level I allegations against the Wildcats for academic misconduct and recruiting violations. One of the Level I charges accused Miller of failing to monitor two assistant coaches who were the focus of the investigation that stemmed from the infamous FBI investigation and ensuing corruption trial.

“A University of Arizona former assistant men’s basketball coach solicited and accepted $20,000 in cash bribes and paid $40,000 for a fraudulent academic transcript, another former assistant men’s basketball coach provided an impermissible benefit to a student-athlete and then directed the student-athlete to conceal the violation,” the IARP statement released Wednesday said.

The NCAA inquiry resulted in nine charges overall and led Arizona to self-impose a postseason ban in the 2020-21 season. Miller was fired in April of 2021 after Arizona went 17-9. Miller was hired at Xavier in the spring of 2022 for his second stint at the school. He was the Musketeers’ coach before going to Arizona in 2009.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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