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Seminole Moment: FSU Wants to Leave ACC, Will Take it to Court

Dec 22, 2023

This week, Florida State and the ACC sued and counter-sued each other to determine whether the Seminoles could leave the conference without paying an almost $600 million exit fee.

For more than a year, Florida State has considered suing the ACC to get out of its decade-plus-long media rights contract. But the College Football Playoff’s decision to omit FSU from this year’s playoff—giving the spot instead to the SEC’s Alabama—finally pushed the school to file a lawsuit on Friday, the school said.

The lawsuit, filed in a local Florida court, argues that the ACC’s “draconian” Grant of Rights contract—which states that FSU would owe $572 million to breach the contract and leave the conference before 2036—is unenforceable under Florida state law.

“I fully support the Board’s decision to take this legal action against the ACC,” FSU president Richard McCullough said. “It is becoming painfully apparent that Florida State’s athletic ambitions and institutional priorities are no longer served by the ACC’s leadership.”

Source: Front Office Sports

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