Snyder Ticket Revenue Claims Place NFL in New Legal Showdown

Apr 11, 2022

The bombshell allegation that the Washington Commanders withheld ticket revenue from visiting teams invites a crucial question: Could this allegation, which follows others, be the one that leads to Daniel Snyder’s removal as owner?

But do bet on more questions for a franchise that has repeatedly found itself the target of investigations and league discipline.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee is investigating the Commanders for workplace misconduct and a toxic environment for women, and the ticket-revenue allegation arose during the recent testimony of former VP of sales and customer service Jason Friedman, as reported by Front Office Sports.
The Commanders categorically deny Friedman’s charge. They stress the team and league engage in audits and retain accounting firms. ESPN supplied details on the auditing process, including that “it’s common” for teams to pay more post-audit. That point suggests the Commanders, which ESPN reports had to pay an additional $86,000 in 2019, might not have committed a grave sin.

The Commanders’ statement further opined that “anyone” offering testimony about intentional withholding “committed perjury.” Friedman’s attorney, Lisa Banks, responded by saying the team had “defamed” her client. Banks added that Friedman is unable to speak freely due to “contractual constraints,” a phrase likely referring to non-disparagement language in Friedman’s employment contract or severance agreement. Team attorney Joseph Tacopina emphasized the Commanders didn’t name Friedman and warned that if Friedman sues, “the Commanders will gladly accept service and vigorously defend any such claim.”

Source: Yahoo Sports (Photo by: Yahoo Sports)