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Spanish government official calls for Rubiales' resignation after soccer federation president kissed player

Aug 22, 2023

The fallout from Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales' unsolicited postgame kiss continued Tuesday when a government official called for his resignation.

Yolada Díaz, Spain's second deputy prime minister and minister of labor and social economy, called Rubiales' actions after the women's team won the 2023 World Cup "an intolerable example of the machismo that women continue to endure." in a social media post Monday.

She added that what Rubiales did was in violation of the federation's policy on sexual assault and called for those rules to be enforced.

Rubiales visibly kissed Spanish midfielder Jenni Hermoso on the lips as she and the rest of her team received medals for their victory over England in the World Cup final on Sunday. Hermoso later said she "didn't like that" and outrage erupted out of the celebration.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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