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Super Bowl 2024: As most bettors back the Chiefs, there's one outcome sportsbooks really don't want to happen

Feb 10, 2024

Sportsbooks across the country are rooting against one specific outcome in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs have remained 2-point underdogs to the San Francisco 49ers at BetMGM and other sportsbooks for nearly the entirety of the build-up to the Super Bowl. That line has held steady despite a majority of money coming in on the Chiefs. As of Friday, 68% of bets and 70% of money bet against the spread at BetMGM is on the Chiefs.

With the Chiefs staying slight underdogs, there’s a result that can lead to a worst-case scenario for sports books: a one-point 49ers win. If the 49ers win 24-23, 31-30 or by any other one-point margin, Chiefs bettors taking the points will still cash in. And books will have to pay out San Francisco futures tickets, too.

“There has been lopsided action on the Chiefs to win and cover the spread in the Super Bowl,” BetMGM senior trader Spencer Davis said. “BetMGM will be cheering for the 49ers. San Francisco winning by one point would be the worst outcome for the sportsbook, allowing Niners futures and Chiefs spread bets to all cash.”

Source: Yahoo Sports

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