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Terry McLaurin says ref told him he was lined up legally before penalty that cost Commanders a TD

Dec 20, 2022

The Washington Commanders have a bone or two to pick with the officials after their 20-12 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.

Needing a touchdown and two-point conversion to send the game to overtime with a minute left, the Commanders found themselves on the Giants' doorstep when a scramble from quarterback Taylor Heinicke gave them 3rd-and-goal at the 1-yard line.

Commanders running back Brian Robinson seemingly scored that necessary touchdown on the next play, until it was called back due to an illegal formation penalty on wide receiver Terry McLaurin. The Pro Bowl pass-catcher was not lined up close enough to the line of scrimmage, wiping the score off the books.

However, a subsequent replay appeared to show McLaurin asking the line judge if he was lined up correctly and twice adjusting his position. The player confirmed that to be the case after the game.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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