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The irony of Kyrie Irving, a leader who wants influence but won't be challenged

Nov 1, 2022

Kyrie Irving wants all of the influence that comes with leadership, yet none of the responsibility and none of the actual education on serious matters.

There’s no back down, no backup and even if he would like to believe so, nobody worth a damn is backing him up publicly. His words and actions are getting to the point where the Brooklyn Nets will have to seriously consider telling him his basketball services are no longer needed.

Whether Irving likes it or not, parroting Alex Jones conspiracy theories while Jones is being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars for claiming the Sandy Hook tragedy in fact wasn’t one, places Irving in the crosshairs of everything Jones stands for.

Whether Irving likes it or not, placing a link to a “Hebrews to Negroes” video on Amazon Prime — a video nearly four hours long, mind you — means it’s a tacit endorsement. And knowing Irving, who can guarantee he watched the entire 3-hour, 28-minute video that spouted off antisemitic rhetoric under the alleged guise of “Black Empowerment”?

Source: Yahoo Sports

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