The NBA (and the Sixers) Have a Rich Paul Problem

Sep 3, 2021

In every front office, in every city, the NBA has a clear fear of Rich Paul and that’s nothing but trouble for the future of the league. The 39-year-old had become a mogul in the sports world due to his list of star-studded clients and seemingly endless connections. Paul has ascended to the most powerful man around the NBA, sitting behind the scenes and pulling strings on more transactions than just about any other agent.

The role of a sports agent is a fascinating job. Tasked with handling contract negotiations, public relations, and finances of their professional clients, agents attempt to squeeze the most out of their client’s careers. While Rich Paul is far from the first agent to contribute to this issue, the NBA has a serious problem with the way the behind-the-scenes of a deal occur.

Source: Philly Sports Network (Sean Barnard_