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The NFL Gets What It Wants, Including on Christmas. But the NBA Isn’t Going Away

Dec 25, 2023

Detroit Pistons Hall of Famer Joe Dumars was known as a defensive stopper and cornerstone of the infamous “Jordan Rules” that the team used to lock down Michael Jordan.

These days, Dumars has a less aggressive attitude toward the Jordan-like dominance of the NFL, particularly on Christmas Day.

“You stay in your lane and you do your thing,” Dumars, the NBA’s executive vice president and head of basketball operations, tells Front Office Sports. “We try to put on the best possible games that we can, try to put on compelling matchups. [Christmas Day] is a tradition for the NBA, but we’re not unaware that the NFL is broadcasting this year on Christmas. Our focus is really on the slate of games that we’re putting on, [and] our fanbase, who expect us to put on a great show.”

Last year, the NFL staged a Christmas Day tripleheader, amplifying a growing presence for the league on the holiday in recent years, and promptly trounced the NBA. The three football games averaged 21.9 million viewers, more than five times the Association average of 4.3 million over five contests.

Source: Front Office Sports

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