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Tom Brady is the NFL's secret weapon to help stop players from sports betting

Jun 8, 2023

On the heels of yet another player sports betting investigation, the NFL appears to have found its version of McGruff the Crime Dog or Smokey Bear: None other than legendary and recently-retired quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady reportedly starred in a recorded educational video for the league where he explains the NFL's gambling policy, according to 9News' Mike Klis. This video is reportedly being shown at the team’s rookie minicamps and training camps and sounds like one of the three ways the NFL notifies its players of what is and isn't allowed. The basic tenets of the policy are simply: Don't bet on anything NFL-related and don't place bets at team facilities.

One can only imagine something similar to the iconic Rachael Leigh commercial from the 1990s where she smashes an egg with a frying pan to symbolize what happens to a human body on heroin.

The 2023 season is still months away, but six players have already been suspended in the past year. Two others, including Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers and an unnamed member of the Detroit Lions, could be as well. Four of those five players were also members of the Lions while the other, defensive end Shaka Toney, plays for the Washington Commanders.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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