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TV Networks Are Programming College Football’s Future: What’s Next

Dec 2, 2023

College football entered this conference championship weekend in rare circumstances: with major postseason implications at every Power 5 title game.

Heading into the weekend, seven of the top eight teams in the College Football Playoff rankings were given the opportunity to make their case — and potentially seal their fate — with a win in their respective games.

But a year from now, with an influx of new money coming into the sport, things are bound to look drastically different.

Realignment is consolidating the top conferences to a Power 4 whose championship games will no doubt be impacted by the CFP’s expansion to 12 teams. Conferences are changing how they distribute money, creating a bigger divide between the haves and have-nots — and unsurprisingly, it’s all driven by increasingly lucrative media rights deals from college football’s biggest broadcasters.

Source: Front Office Sports

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