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U.S. Soccer Investigating 1991 Incident Involving Gregg Berhalter

Jan 3, 2023

Gregg Berhalter, who coached the United States at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, admitted Tuesday to allegations surrounding a 1991 incident in which he kicked his now-wife Rosalind in the legs during an argument outside a bar.

The incident was reported to U.S. Soccer last month and occurred when Berhalter was an 18-year-old freshman defender at the University of North Carolina.

"There are zero excuses for that night; it was a shameful moment and one that I regret to this day," Berhalter wrote in a lengthy social media post that was signed by both him and his wife.

"At that time, I immediately apologized to Rosalind, but understandably she wanted nothing to do with me. I told my parents, family and friends what happened because I wanted to take full responsibility for my behavior. Rosalind also informed her parents, family and friends. While the authorities were never involved in this matter, I voluntarily sought out counseling to help learn, grow and improve — one of the most valuable decisions that I ever made. To this day, that type of behavior has never been repeated."

Source: Fox Sports

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